Why Knowledge?

Knowledge is the key element in all our activities, supporting learning, discovery and research whether that is in formal education, in life-long learning or in support of a business enterprise or social venture. Biblio Insights was formed to support professionals working in the biblio sector to leverage content and metadata to better manage knowledge resources.

We include in biblio all activities in libraries, publishing, exhibition and collection management, extending to the vendors in the industry supply chain and IT systems and tools for analysis and management. We draw on the related fields of Knowledge Management and Data Analytics to provide insights into the processes of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organisational knowledge.

This multi-disciplinary approach to achieving organisational objectives enables us to support your organisation by making the best use of its explicit and tacit knowledge. As we develop our expert network you will hear more about the skills of data analysis, data visualisation and tools in cognitive computing and machine learning. Watch this space!