As practitioners in the field of libraries and information management, Janette and Holley, are building a Community of Practice that will link together librarians, consultants, publishers and vendors from the library and information supply chain.  We aim to build an expert network of trusted practitioners, all with a passion for the enduring values of libraries and their capacity to change people’s lives.  We articulate these values as follows:


We provide free and equitable access to information and other learning resources 

We share stuff – resources, information, open data, e-resources, cool stuff, tech stuff, great spaces

We seek diverse voices with respect for different views, without censorship

We belong to the community – publicly funded & philanthropically supported, ‘for’, ‘with’ and ‘by’ the community


By participating in the domain of libraries and information services, practitioners share and learn form each other, they co-create new capability and add value to their client organisations and ultimately to the people using the libraries and information services.

This concept of a Community of Practice was first documented by Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger in 1991, and extended in 1998.  It was proposed as a means for those participating in a shared endeavour with common goals to support and share knowledge within the community.

Building on our extensive personal networks in the sector, we are developing an expert network that will offer clients access to a wealth of knowledge and experience with the opportunity for new insights to be developed through knowledge sharing and collaboration.