Wed Feature

With a long standing interest in data analytics and especially the tools and techniques for data visualisation, here at Biblio Insights,we are developing our skills and capabilities to offer a range of services to the GLAM sector.

With ubiquitous computing and monitoring of natural and transactional phenomena leading to the accumulation of big data – large files of content which are able to be mined and analysed in new ways – we see the creation of new ways to access and interpret this data.

This is an opportunity to derive new knowledge and insights. The new tools for mining and analysing this big data can be successfully applied to digitised collections and to the data generated by transactions associated with learning and publishing, social media and engagement with collections.

The tools for visualisation are developing so as to utilise the human capacity to identify patterns in data but also moving to more automated processes such as machine learning and cognitive computing to derive new knowledge.

As we build our Community of Practice, we engage with experts using many new analytical tools and can see exciting possibilities for open access to big data derived form published and original materials held in collecting agencies such as libraries, archives and museums.