Biblio Insights is a niche consultancy agency providing services to libraries, archives, galleries, museums, publishers and suppliers to the library sector. Our business is to provide expert advice and consultancy into the management and evaluation of knowledge resources, strategic issues, change management, innovation, technology platforms and data analysis tools.

We are building a community of practice and marketplace for experts in data analytics, strategic advice and library and information systems, with an aim is to draw upon these experts to deliver tailored services to libraries, archives, publishers, institutional repositories and the scholarly community.


Who we are

Founded by Janette Wright and Holley Dumble in 2016, Biblio Insights, is a niche consultancy that supports libraries, galleries, archives, museums and publishers to leverage their dynamic capabilities and deliver strategic outcomes through innovation and analysis for decision-making. We specialise in the application of data analytics, data visualisation and information systems strategies and solutions.

The co-founders of Biblio Insights, Janette Wright and Holley Dumble, are highly experienced in the public and commercial sectors of the library and information management industry, with an unmatched network of contacts and trusted practitioners in this field. They have built a wide and extensive network of clients and experts who trust their experience and judgment.


What we do

Biblio Insights delivers services relating to data analytics, data visualisation, strategic analysis and knowledge management which allow our clients to manage and leverage their data with agility, make decisions firmly backed with evidence and generate competitive advantage and value for key stakeholders.

Our clients are seeking to:

• learn and explore new ways to analyse data
• manage open data and broker access to information sources
• mine repositories of research data and identify patterns in big data
• create new knowledge from digital sources through text data mining and other tools
• improve their decision-making and benchmark their operations against best practice
• evaluate and implement the right technological platforms to support better
operational workflow outcomes and business intelligence capabilities

Our aim is to match our clients with the right expertise and knowledge to deliver desired outcomes. This is achieved through an expert network of experienced multidisciplinary professionals in the data analysis, data visualisation and information management and systems domain.

Analysis of big data held in cultural institutions can yield new knowledge for the humanities and social sciences just as data mining and analytics has supported decision-making in business. New data modelling and visualisation tools to communicate new insights will enhance the level of understanding and engagement with stakeholders.

– Janette Wright, Co Founder, Biblio Insights

Through leveraging data and strategic analysis in the biblio sector, a new breed of innovative and entrepreneurial service models can be developed and deployed.

– Holley Dumble, Co Founder, Biblio Insights

Biblio Insights has the insights to give you a fresh view of your business.